CMS delivers Healthcare solutions that streamline your daily tasks with an implementation process that will not disrupt your workflow. Our products and services support your practice’s needs and busy schedule while improving your administrative processes, which allows you to focus on your patients.

Our Healthcare solutions include the following:

Electronic Health Records

At CMS, we provide the best medical software on the market – NextGen® – to give your practice easy-to-use technology to achieve the results you want – more efficient performance leading to increased savings and revenues. For even greater productivity, NextGen® allows practices the ability to customize tools, templates and workflow automation to meet the specific software needs of over 30 medical specialties.

Practice Management 

The NextGen® Practice Management application is integrated with our Electronic Health Records solution, and is used by practices of all sizes to automate and simplify your registration, scheduling and billing processes. This award-winning solution is HIPAA compliant and has helped thousands of practices improve their productivity, enhance their revenue and improve their cash flow.

Patient Engagement

A critical part of patient care today is a comprehensive patient engagement strategy. Patient engagement is designed to improve patient care and lower a practice’s total costs of delivering services by directly involving patients in the overall management of their Healthcare. A comprehensive strategy includes the following CMS solutions, all of which can be tailored to the exact needs of a provider and practice:

  • Population Health
  • Automated Calling Suite
  • Electronic Signature
  • Patient Experience Surveys

Health Information Exchange 

This solution allows a community of practices using electronic health records outside of the NextGen® application to easily and securely store, display and exchange data such as complete patient records, lab or test results, referrals, medications, allergies and more.

Patient Portal 

The Patient Portal allows for enhanced electronic communication and clinical data exchange between patients and their doctors. This online portal application offers patients the ability to schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, send and receive important medical documents and reports, and manage their account balances and payments. In addition, the portal integrates seamlessly with both our NextGen® Electronic Health Records and Practice Management applications.

Electronic Patient Claims

Our Automatic Remittance Module (ARM) allows practices the ability to post Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) to patients more quickly and accurately by electronically submitting claims to third-party insurance carriers. Also, practices will receive an electronic notification back from carriers with the payment information they would normally receive on an EOB.

Patient Identification Solutions

Speed your registration process and increase patient safety with this quick, easy and accurate way to identify and track patients, as well as create, update and manage their records. With our state-of-the-art barcode technology, simply scan the ID label to produce copies and access the right patient information.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

With the help of our CMS billings and collections experts, you can be sure that all services you perform are billed and everything that is billed is collected. With CMS’ comprehensive billings and collections process begins managing your revenue prior to patients arriving for care by verifying insurance and billing information, and follows the process through the completion of a patient visit and accurate submission of all charges to appropriate third-party payers. The process also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities and follow-up collection activities.

Consulting Services

With nearly 40 years of healthcare experience, CMS offers flexible training solutions for our NextGen® software solutions and custom software interfaces. Custom training experiences for your staff can be designed and can include onsite personal training at your practice, in a classroom setting or remotely online.

Our clients have told us repeatedly that they benefit from working with us due to all of the solutions we offer and the experience and expertise we provide them. For more information on any of our solutions, contact CMS today at 330.498.1013.