CMS works closely with our customers to assess their specific needs, allowing us to customize a filing solution that exceeds their expectations. We consider information such as:

  • Quantity of files needed
  • Type of items going into the filing system
  • Space where filing items are housed

We organize every system in a way that ensures the fastest retrieval of the files and their contents.

Filing solutions include:

  • File folders
    • Manila End Tab Folders
    • Expansion Pocket
    • Pressboard
    • X-ray Jacket
  • Labels
    • Bar Codes
    • Color Codes
      • Alphabetic
      • Straight Numeric
      • Terminal Digit
  • Customized Strip Labels
  • Organizational Accessories
    • Chart Dividers
    • Duraclip Fasteners
    • Extension Clips
    • File Backs
    • Inner or Drop-In Folders
    • Peel-N-Stick Dividers
    • Pockets
    • Stitched Dividers
    • Mylar Label Protectors


NetLabels is an innovative labeling system that allows you to print file folder labels with color codes, variable text, and barcodes. NetLabels lets you print labels quickly and easily as you need them. Your label includes all the necessary information for each folder on a single label. With NetLabels, you no longer need to bulk order pre-labeled folders or stockpile individual labels on rolls and sheets. NetLabels is accessible via the Internet or via installation on your computer, network, or intranet. You can print NetLabels from an unlimited number of workstations.

Allow NetLabels to help you simplify your file labeling by contacting us at 330.498.1013