At CMS, we specialize in providing solutions to meet your organization’s hardware and security needs. We’ve formed strategic partnerships and alliances with industry leaders to provide premier technologies. Ultimately, our solutions enhance performance and improve productivity.

Additionally, we’ve been a certified Hewlett Packard (HP) Business Partner since the early 1980s and offer a comprehensive portfolio of products along with the most current HP promotional offers. Our HP portfolio includes:

  • Notebooks, Tablets, Hybrids
  • Desktops, Workstations, Thin Clients
  • Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Managed Print Services, Software and HP Professional Services

Most importantly, our team has guarded organizations of all sizes from networking threats and has the knowledge to offer the most comprehensive security solutions. Some of our specific solutions include:


Our ProActive program features 24/7 network monitoring, maintenance, quarterly network health review, security management, patch management and cloud backup.

The ProActive IT Services that we provide include:

  • Risk Assessment/Remediations
  • Managed Services
  • Security Services
  • Protection Services
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Implementation
  • Support/Repair
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery

Let our team help you reduce network downtime through our proactive maintenance and increase your productivity today!

Disaster Recovery Services

When disasters occur, you have minimal time to react. What takes place in this time is crucial. The actions you take will determine if and when your organization operates at the fullest capability. Being proactive and establishing a disaster recovery plan ensures that your necessary data is accessible quickly with minimal downtime.

An effective disaster recovery service is complex but our employees have the necessary skills and expertise at recognizing your organizations needs and customizing a comprehensive plan that minimizes downtime and gets you up and running after the disaster happens. Our services have helped provide clients assurance that their data is secure and protected.


We maintain solid partnerships to offer a variety of exceptional and reliable Managed Technology Solutions and Services to clients. The businesses we serve include companies and industries of all types and sizes.

Rely on our trained Managed Technology Solutions Team to implement any necessary software, manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the system and oversee the health of your server with our Hosting Services Solution.

Hosting Services include:

  • High Availability of System/Server
  • Robust Security Assurance
  • 24/7 Dependable Power Resources
  • Carrier-Neutral Network
  • Assured Compliance
  • Environmental Stability
  • Secure Network Operations Center

Ultimately, we provide you with a scalable, fully managed and highly available server environment.


We house an organization’s server in a structurally sound rack within a secure access cage, where the server utilizes our data centers’ power, bandwidth and storage capacity options.

Colocation features include:

  • Biometric access to data center floor
  • Proximity card access to cage
  • Energy management system that allows you to budget overall power and monitor actual consumption
  • Broad power options from 110 Volt AC to 208 Volt AC three-phase A and B feeds
  • Redundant network
  • Remote and smart hands support
  • Contiguous space agreements that allow for expansion

Our colocation facilities offer a variety of power, network and security preferences, as well as the option for clients to utilize whatever cabinet best suits their needs in their assigned cage.

Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training is a new age cybersecurity behavior training platform. We utilize the latest strategies used by the real “bad guys” to phish your employees. When they click on our phishing testing emails, they are redirected to an entertaining video to train them and make them more cyber-aware without fear of harsh scolding and punishment.

Cybersecurity can easily become a subject based around fear, uncertainty and doubt. This type of negative culture creates more room for error. By focusing on entertainment and easily digestible educational content, we create a healthy, positive, security-aware culture in your company.                                                              

Our Managed Technology Solutions and Services enable our clients to gain a comprehensive, well-structured and secure information technology support system customized to meet their diverse needs, regardless of application complexity.

Contact CMS today at 330.498.1013 to learn more about our Managed Technology Solutions.