CMS understands how much easier and cost-effective it is to adopt a document imaging solution that can be built around your current business structure.

Our solution provides:

Physical File Tracking

Creates color-coded labels with barcodes for fast organization, tracking and retrieval of paper files and archived boxes. Allows files or boxes to be checked in or out of a central storage room or requested via email by users.

Integration Tools

Application Integration Tools incorporate content management functions into your existing systems and core applications. Deliver content to custom user interfaces and web portals via calls.

Industry Specialties

Packages content management functions unique to specific industries, eliminating non-essential tasks and increasing efficiency.

  • Accounting Departments
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • And More


Merges data from your database or external data source. Integrates forms created in other applications by passing them through our system and applying ID barcodes so they can be scanned back into the system when printed. Reduces the expense and difficulty of distributing, managing, and filing paper forms.

Workflow Process Management

Automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to streamline work processes and accelerate completion of critical business decisions. Adds management oversight to tasks that are impossible to control in a paper environment.

Document Imaging

Allows you to have unlimited users, while controlling their access. Scans and imports documents and automatically indexes documents according to industry standards using barcode recognition, OCR and data matching from external sources.

Disaster Recovery Services

If your company’s electronic and paper files are ever destroyed, we can swiftly deliver them back into your hands by keeping a secure electronic copy of the documents offsite, resulting in an increased recovery speed and chance of survival.

Conversion Services

Our state-of-the-art, 35-workstation document imaging facility quickly transforms your documents into accurate, archival digital images and delivers it all to your business applications and databases for fast and easy retrieval.

Our facility is equipped with electronic keycard locks at every entry point, 24-hour video surveillance, motion detectors and alarms, making access to documents highly restricted and secure.

  • Convert hard copy, COLD file, microfiche/microfilm and electronic documents into a digital archive.
  • Scan large-format documents, such as oversized drawings and maps.
  • Securely pick up and deliver documents.
  • Scan on customer’s site for special projects.
  • Prepare documents (remove staples, organize, etc.).
  • Offer long-and short-term box storage.
  • Provide document destruction.