CMS understands how much easier and cost-effective it is to adopt a document imaging solution that can be built around your current business structure. Because of that, our solution contains all of the following capabilities that can be tailored to meet your exact needs:

Industry Specialties

Our Document Imaging Solution offers a great deal of flexibility, which is dependent upon your industry and the needs of your organization. Ultimately, our solution helps organizations eliminate non-essential tasks while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

We serve numerous industries, some of which include:

  • Accounting Departments
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources

Please contact us to learn more about additional industries that we serve and how we can assist your needs.


Our E-Forms solution merges data and integrates forms to help organizations eliminate manual paper-based processes. Clients discover that harnessing their forms not only helps eliminate paper processes but also streamlines other tasks.

Incorporated into our solution are drag-and-drop design tools that allow users to quickly create forms and share them with other users. Ultimately, users have the ability to conveniently complete forms and upload supporting documents. Once completed, the forms can be imported immediately to trigger workflow processes without the need to scan documents. Advantages include:

  • Reduction of expense and challenges with distributing, managing and filing paper forms
  • Development of a library of on-demand forms
  • Automation of creating, distributing and filing forms
  • Development of templates that can be configured as Word, HTML or XML
  • Creation of a workflow so you can complete and print forms with ease

Workflow Process Management

Our Workflow Process Management feature automates the assignment of tasks to streamline work processes and speed up the completion of significant business decisions. Its functions include:

  • Incorporating management oversight to daily assignments that are impossible to handle in a paper environment
  • Distributing tasks to employees across geographically diverse organizations
  • Distributing tasks in accordance to the existing workload
  • Streamlining the process of outsourcing tasks
  • Enhancing processes such as human resource hiring, the approval of medical transcription, routing of lab results, remote coding applications and the approval of loans

Document Imaging

We understand the importance of delivering a comprehensive document imaging solution that will not only complement our clients’ existing business structure but will enable them to save and access documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our solution offers a vast array of capabilities to meet the specific needs of our clients. Functions of the solution include:

  • Scanning and importing documents
  • Retrieving images
  • Automatic indexing of documents according to the specific industry standards using barcode recognition, OCR and data matching from external sources
  • Supporting images from third-party capture applications, fax servers, email platforms and digital copiers
  • Retaining unlimited content and projects

Our comprehensive Document Imaging Solution delivers an extensive array of capabilities that meet the existing needs of our clients.

Disaster Recovery Services

Your documents are vital to your business. For this reason, our Document Imaging Solution ensures the safety and security of your documents, even if your internal electronic or paper filing system is compromised.

Paper documents are simply far less manageable and replaceable in the event of a loss. As too many companies discover during mundane and common occurrences (fire, flood, tornado and mishandling) from which physical records disappear. Just digitizing content is a good first step, as records are immediately safer, but a document imaging solution goes one step further, offering a secure, highly manageable and shareable repository that makes quick recovery of precious content possible.

Conversion Services

Our Conversion Services offer advanced document management technologies to clients, enabling their documents to be processed to digital format efficiently and securely. Clients enjoy the numerous benefits of document management without the challenges of managing the document conversion process.

We employ multiple safeguards to ensure that each client’s valuable documents and files are protected against unauthorized access. The benefits of our Conversion Services include:

  • Gaining control and accountability of your informational assets
  • Providing improved secure access to documents and information
  • Reducing labor, regaining space and making your organization more functional through automation
  • Maintaining compliance with required government regulations

Paper is always at risk of being damaged, misfiled or lost forever. And maintaining a paper filing system is becoming increasingly archaic and extremely inefficient as employees continually search, retrieve and refile documents.

Physical File Tracking

The benefit of our Physical File Tracking feature is that it generates color-coded labels and incorporates bar-coded technology. The result is quick organization, tracking ability and easy retrieval of hard copy files and archived boxes. Our Physical File Tracking:

  • Provides users with the ability to check files or boxes out of a central storage room or request them via email
  • Authorizes email users to indicate the fulfillment method, such as delivering files or boxes or scanning the file for rapid online viewing

Integration Tools

Our application integration tools incorporate content management functions into your existing systems and core applications. The integration tools:

  • Automatically index, validate and populate data into multiple sources when keyed into one
  • Provide content to custom user interfaces and web portals via calls
  • Automate decision-making via scripts within the workflow
  • Tailor plug-ins for functions that are considered industry-specific